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KGS America LLC

KGS America LLC is a distributor of high quality products manufactured and marketed by the KGS Corporation.

Our value-added services include the design, fast prototyping and selection assistance with your particular component requirements. We can also accomodate design assistance and manufacture of special purpose solenoids for military/aerospace applications.

The KGS brand Braille and Graphic Cells can also be custom manufactured to your exact specifications for use in your end products.

A Brief History of KGS Corporation (Japan)

The company was established in Minato-ku, Tokyo under the name of Kogyosha Co., Ltd. to manufacture communication devices and parts.


Began production of DC solenoids (electromagnetic) for industrial use.


Completed construction of the factory in Ogawa-machi, Saitama.


Completed construction of the second factory in Saitama.


Introduction of Mypewriter, a new electric typewriter based on magnetronics technology.


Completed construction of the third factory in Saitama.


Increased operating capital to 71.5 million yen.


Commenced the development and sales of Braille Cells for the Visually Impaired Persons (V.I.P.).


Commenced the sale of braille indicator units for the V.I.P.


Changed the company name to KGS Corporation.


Introduced the Braille Note, a braille computer display device for the V.I.P.

Increased operating capital to 100 million yen.


The Braille Note series were given the special good-design interface award in Japan.


Commenced the sale of the Everest Braille Embosser braille printer.


Established KGS Philippines Corporation, an overseas subsidiary company.

Takeo Kurematsu, then a managing director, became the president of the KGS Corporation in April.


Commenced the sale of Mountbatten Brailler, a braille word processor and Basic-D, a braille printer produced by INDEX, a Swedish manufacturer.


Consolidated the Corporate Headquarters and factory in Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama.

Developed the Graphic Cell SC5 for the V.I.P. market and received the excellent new technology award for the small to medium-sized enterprises.

Commenced the sale of the Braille Note 46D.

Commenced the sale of the PIFA, a tactile image maker. Entered into a technological alliance with the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Communications Research Laboratory in the field of graphic cells for the V.I.P. and completed the delivery of its products.


Entered into a technical alliance with NHK (Japanese Public Broadcasting System) Science & Technical Research Laboratories in the field of the braille terminal unit.

KGS celebrated its 45th anniversary.


The world's first Automatic Braille Labeler, and the world's smallest & lightest Braille Cell SC6 were introduced.


Obtained ISO 14001 certification on December 20, 2000.

Braille electronic pocketbook Braille Memo was introduced.


KPC, the KGS subsidiary in the Philippines, obtained ISO 9002 certification.

Entered a joint technological venture with the Japanese Space Agency (NASDA) in the development of a large sized tactile graphic display device model GD-8X6B.

Commenced the sales of Braille Labeler on worldwide basis.

Commenced the sales of Imagnifier, a product manufactured by LVI.


Introduced the Braille Note 46X braille display device.

Also introduced the smallest and most lightweight Braille Cells SC7 and SC8.

Established the industy's fastest delivery commitment of its selected solenoid products.


The 'Dot View' Tactile Graphic Display device DV-1 introduced to the world market.

Successful launch of finer pitch Braille Graphic Cell SC10 for the V.I.P. market.

Continued development of the next generation Tactile Graphic Display device DV-2 using the SC10 Graphic Cells.


The latest model 'Dot View' Tactile Graphic Display device DV-2 introduced to the world market.

KGS America LLC was established in the United States of America to market and distribute products in North America.


Establishment of a new Sales Representative in Southern California to promote our product lines to additional markets.

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